Drupal Course Overview

At AddWeb, ‘We Drupal Everyday’ - quite literally! It wouldn’t be a hyperbole if we say Drupal is a shadow of our being. Yes, that’s exactly what our techno-troop of 35+ ingenious Drupal 8 developers do every day! They wake-up, sip a cup of coffee, do the Drupal warm-up, have a breakfast, start their day Drupal-ing, drink a cup tea or two, have a drupal dialogue with fellow Drupalers, play some pranks around, get back to Drupal-ing, drive back home, scroll through other Drupal-er’s updates and dive into a deep sleep - so that they can wake up fresh next morning and start Drupal-ing, yet again!

Do you want to be an expert Drupal-er like us?

Read the below-mentioned points and know the benefits of learning Drupal technology from us!

  • Drupal expert and 17th ranking company on Drupal’s marketplace, worldwide
  • Innovation and speed
  • Scalability and freedom
  • Community and authoring of Drupal
  • Content delivery, translation and localization
  • Rapid development and strong content creation
  • SEO and Templates
  • Cross-browser usability and support

Duration:06 Months

Eligibility:BE/B Tech MCA/M.sc.IT

Drupal Internship Ahmedabad

Course Details

Client Communication

Drupal is an open source CMS that powers millions of application and website. It has no proprietary code and is fully flexible and extensible. It is backed by an active developer community, and there is a big market for themes, distributions and modules. At AddWeb, you will learn Drupal along with MySQL.

Below is the highlight of the syllabus:

  • What is Web Development? What is the difference between Frontend & Backend Development?
  • OOPS Concept.
  • Basic Knowledge of PHP (Mysql, HTML, CSS, Js, AJAX).
  • Namespace & Routing (Drupal 8).
  • Server & Database.
  • What is API?
  • What is CMS?
  • Why Drupal?
  • Basic Information about Drupal.
  • Our History With Drupal (Some example sites).
  • Git, Drush, Composer and those basic commands (will reduce work dependency).
  • Knowledge of File Permissions.
  • Basic Setup and Knowledge of Admin menu.
  • Drupal 7 & 8 Folder Structure (with composer & without composer).
  • Template Files & YML Files.
  • Database Behavior With Drupal Changes (Node, Field, Config, File.. etc).
  • Knowledge of specific files like Setting File, Info file, Theme File and Service File etc and those permissions.
  • Drupal Frontend & Backend Difference.
  • Style Guide Knowledge (Does it have a readymade theme or not ? If no, why so?).
  • Different Words Like Bundle, Entity, Nodes, Modules, Views, Blocks, Content Types, Menus, Panels, Rules, Roles, Taxonomy, Reference, etc.
  • Drupal Hooks & Different functions (Pre, Post, etc.)
  • Contribution Modules & Custom Modules. Creating Custom Modules (D7 and D8).
  • Creating and Altering Views.
  • Coding Standards and Proper Indentations.
  • Different File Overriding and those naming (Debugging).
  • Basic Knowledge of E-commerce.
  • Drupal Commerce (Cart, Checkout, Order, Payment methods, etc.)
  • Drupal Mail System (Contribution & Custom).
  • JS and Inline JS with Drupal.
  • Creating virtual host, Importance for Local, Dev, Staging, Live, etc.
  • Our Working Process (Drupal-8 Vagrant, drush cex, drush cim, dcbash, dbbash).
  • Headless Drupal (Angular).