PHP Course Overview

Our PHP Development is a global training program that prepares the students with the fundamentals of Core PHP with extensive practice in coding. With continued technological advancements in this competitive era witnessing continuously changing programming platforms, PHP is being now the leading and highly accepted development technology. Check out a few benefits of learning PHP, as mentioned below.

  • This training enables the participants to learn the fundamentals of PHP including installing PHP, basic output as well as variables.
  • Participants will be able to create dynamic web pages using PHP.
  • The training program also includes MySQL.
  • This training helps the student to develop an Image Upload Website with PHP.
  • Gain information and guidance on MVC.

Duration:06 Months

Eligibility:BE/B Tech MCA/

Php Internship Ahmedabad

Course Detail

Client Communication

Our PHP Training starts from base level to the advanced level of topics from our experienced team of instructor. At AddWeb, the student learns Core PHP along with database like MySQL. Below are the highlights of the syllabus.

  • What is Web Development? What is the difference between Frontend & Backend Development?
  • Beauty of Backend Development.
  • Why should you go with PHP?
  • OOPS Concept.
  • Basic Knowledge of PHP.
  • Learn the Conditional and Control flow ( if.. Else and For Loop).
  • Dealing with Arrays and functions.
  • Knowledge about String Objects and functions.
  • Basic Knowledge of Mysql, HTML, CSS, Js, AJAX.
  • Opportunity to get glance at Frontend (jQuery, Angular, Typescript).
  • What is API?
  • Opportunity to get handsome experience in developing APIs.
  • Dealing with Servers and their configurations.
  • Get the expert level knowledge about Databases (Mysql, MongoDB, SQLite).
  • Learn MVC architecture.
  • Opens door for many CMSs and Frameworks ( Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel ).
  • Advantages of PHP.
  • Git , Composer and those basic commands (will Reduce Work Dependency).
  • Knowledge of File Permissions.
  • Create massive Web Application for Management.